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Providing strategic consulting to optimize and secure Industrial Control Systems (ICSs)

Applied Control Solutions personnel have provided more than 35 years of ICS leadership

  • Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats, May 2010, ISBN: 978-1-60650-197-9
  • Cyber Security Policy Guidebook, 2012, ISBN:978-1-118-02780-6
  • Securing Water and WasteWater Systems, Global Experiences, 2013, ISBN:978-3-319-01091-5
  • Provided more than 100 presentations, 10 short courses on ICS security
  • Developed 2 IEEE Expert Now! courses on ICS Cyber Security
  • Prepared White Paper on ICS Security for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Blue Ribbon Panel for the 44th President
  • Provided testimony to five congressional committees and input to various government agencies
  • Performing numerous ICS cyber security risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Compiling ICS cyber incident database with more than 320 ICS cyber incidents
  • Supported MITRE and NIST to extend NIST standards to include ICS
  • Supported Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for cyber security
  • Supporting IEEE, ISA, IEC, CIGRE, NERC CSSWG, NIST Smart Grid
  • Supporting DOD on Aurora hardware mitigation projects
  • Supporting US electric utility test bed on evaluating ICS cyber security solutions for reliability
  • Member NERC High Impact Low Frequency (HILF) Task Force
  • Member NERC Cyber Attack Task Force (CATF)
  • Provided basis for EMP impacts on SCADA Systems
  • Working with ICS and IT security suppliers
  • Host annual ICS Cyber Security Conference
  • Two patents on control and instrumentation systems
  • PE, ISA Fellow, Senior Member IEEE, CISM, CRISC, US Expert to IEC WG10 and IEC TC45A

Real Time ACS

Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats

The book may be ordered from Momentum Press