2009 Control Systems Cyber Security Conference

Date: October 19-22, 2009

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Hotel: Bethesda Marriott

The agenda will continue to be updated.

As in the past, the agenda will remain flexible enough to address recent issues of interest.

Topics I believe will be of interest to all are:

  • Discussions of actual control system cyber incidents
  • Discussions of threats to control systems
  • Discussions of control system design limitations reducing failsafe capabilities
  • Demonstrations of compromising control systems (not just hacking) using actual control system equipment
  • Nuclear plant cyber security regulations
  • Smart Grid cyber security issues
  • Status of congressional legislation affecting control system cyber security
  • These are just a sampling of some of this year’s instructive and enlightening topics you won’t want to miss.

    September 23,2009 - Updates - SPECIAL NOTICE:
    There will be 2 additional activities on Friday at the Bethesda Marriott following the Applied Control Solutions Control System Cyber Security Conference.

    #1. - NIST will hold a 1-day session that will discuss the FISMA security standards and guidelines that apply to industrial control systems. There will be no charge for attending the NIST session. The NIST Workshop is on implementing NIST SP800-53 and NIST SP800-82 for industrial control systems. For further information on the NIST Workshop, go to http://csrc.nist.gov/staff/index.html.

    #2. - ISA Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Working Group. An initial meeting will be held the morning of October 19 in Rockville on the new ISA Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Working Group. Contact Jerry Voss {Email = jerryvoss@msn.com} for information on the ISA meeting.

    #3. - There will be a tour of a water treatment facility. Due to limited space at the facility, the tour will be limited to groups of 10-15 at a time. The tour will demonstrate the size, vintage, and types of control systems used in a typical industrial facility. This is a working facility, dress accordingly with sturdy shoes and durable clothes. The water treatment facility reinforces that cyber is not just an electric industry problem.

    To get an accurate count for the Monday afternoon training session and the water treatment facility tour, please check the appropriate box on the registration form to assure your space.

    Reminder - See you in Bethesda. In mid-October the weather ranges from the low 40’s to uppper 60’s. The record low was 19, and the record high was 93. No snow, but possible light rain.