Kingston Steam Plant Tour Information

Tour of TVA’s Kingston Steam Plant and the I&C Center (August 15, 2007 - Afternoon).

The TVA Kingston Steam Plant is a nine-unit, 1600 MW pulverized coal-fired power plant located on the Clinch River outside Harriman, TN. It is typical of large central station power plants built in the 1950-60’s and utilizes a range of technologies dating from the 1950’s to the present. At the time of initial operation, it was the largest coal-fired plant in the world. The plant site also encompasses a railroad marshalling yard and coal dumping station, a water pumping plant, and switchyards for the nine generating units. The I&C Center has a modern power plant stimulated simulator and classrooms. The tour provided a glimpse into modern industrial operations. It also provided a better idea of the limitations of current IT security technologies when applied to industrial processes.